Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wrapping up Wrap the Capitol

Add the Words supporters gather before marching to "wrap the capitol"

The sun chased the snow away, but the blustery freezing wind stayed as over 1500 people braved the weather to show the legislature that we will not sit quietly while they refuse to protect our LGBT friends, family, and neighbors. After a few short introductory words, where I pointed out the faults in the legislature’s excuses for not holding an Add the Words hearing, we were off. A line of people wrapped completely around the capitol, two and three rows deep, often times in clumps of people!! Car horns honked support as they drove by and the crowed cheered.  

We kept the microphone open to the public, and as we marched for the next 90 minutes or so, Carmine Caruso kept a steady stream of people coming to the microphone to offer testimony. From clergy to grandparents, from students to mothers, the stories were moving and genuine and heartfelt.  Stories that the legislature refuses to hear.

Add the Words supporters "wrap the capitol" with their presence to show
legislators they will not stop until the words are added.
While marching, you could hear stories from people talking about other protests they had taken part in, or chat with some legislators who had come out to say hello and thank us for being there (we saw Representative Mat Erpelding, Representative Ilana Rubel, Senator Cherie Buckner-Webb, and Senator Elliot Werk). Multiple news crews were conducting interviews as well. As marchers came around the corner for the last time, we gathered back at the statehouse steps where Doug Flanders led the crowd in a beautiful rendition of “We Shall Overcome.” As I sit here trying to summarize the feeling I still carry with me after this evening, all I can think of is the warm comfort of a supportive community, banding together to accomplish a goal. A goal of equality and fairness. And we SHALL overcome.  

-- Mistie Tolman, March 17, 2014, speaking about Add the Word's Wrap the Capitol event in Boise, Idaho

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