Monday, March 24, 2014

Sine Die in Idaho without Adding the Words

It's true. 

Last week the legislature adjourned sine die yet again without holding a hearing on an Add the Words bill. The lives of LGBT Idahoans, those who live in fear each day, are still being ignored. For the eighth consecutive session, by not saying in law that discrimination is wrong, leadership has sent the message that they are on the side of those who would discriminate. And this session, it became even more sinister, as the majority party tried to bring forth a so-called "religious freedom" bill--the same bill that has been pushed in states all over the country. Rather than protecting the most vulnerable of our communities, it would have protected those cruel enough to discriminate. Thanks to YOU, and the overwhelming numbers that came out in opposition to this bill, we made them think again about moving it forward and it died officially with the end of the session. It has unfortunately been said publicly by Rep. Luker that he wants to bring the bill back next session. 

While the session may have ended, OUR WORK HAS JUST BEGUN. Please keep watching our page for opportunities to help, opportunities to engage with legislators. Please keep writing those letters to your legislators, expressing your disappointment in their handling of the Add the Words legislation efforts. And remember, we're headed into election season and chances are there is an election near you that could use volunteers to try to replace legislators who are not listening to their constituents. 

We told them we would never give up, and we meant it. We are not going away, and with your help, session #9 will begin with this issue in the forefront of their minds.

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